Explain Process at Earliest Opportunity

The timing of the announcement of a downsizing plan to the employees concerned is a difficult decision, and usually not a perfect one. The plan should be explained before the rumors become prevalent. It can obviously be disconcerting for an employee to learn first of a downsizing plan from the newspapers.

While the plan must be discussed in advance with key employees who need to be consulted in preparing the structure of the downsizing effort, the planning phase should be as short as possible because, once the plan is known by top people confidentially, leaks and rumors almost inevitably follow.

Boeing's announcement in 1993 that it would reduce its workforce by nearly 20 percent over 1 / years was received without any special alarm by its employees. The reason for the calm acceptance was that Boeing had made a point of revealing over the previous period that sales in the aerospace industry had been at a low level and that drastic corrective action was in order.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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