Examples Of The Factors That Add To It Applications Complexity

Complexity, when it applies to IT projects, is going to be found in a number of areas. Some of the more prominent areas include the following situations:

■ The scope of the project exceeds the ability of the organization to handle the work. In other words, the expectations of the people involved (IT and or business people) are unrealistic given the levels of resources and project development experience within the organization. It sometimes happens that an organization will recognize that it is in over its head and, in an attempt to improve the management of the project, will go outside for assistance. Doing so can be another way that the complexity associated with the project will increase.

■ There is an extensive use of new (either to the IT department or the industry) technology which is deemed as critical to the success of the project.

■ The business issues to be addressed by the project are either new to the organization or not well understood within it.

■ The organization finds itself the victim of a vendor who promotes a series of application packages that are beyond the capacity of the organization to effectively manage. Another aspect of that phenomenon can be that the packages offered by the vendor do not deliver what had been expected and, as a result, a considerable amount of custom work has to be completed to obtain the needed results.

■ The issue of project "scope creep" is not properly managed. Although a serious hindrance to successful IT project management, scope creep tends to be a common factor in the development of IT projects. Scope creep is just what the name implies — the size of the project is allowed to expand as the project moves forward. The problem here, as previously stated, is that project size relates to increased project complexity, so when scope creep is tolerated, additional complexity is likewise tolerated.

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Project Management Made Easy

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