Employee Buyin

The third, and perhaps most important, critical success factor in a culture change effort is employee buy-in. When these types of programs are attempted, this factor is the one that most often determines success or failure. Goals are necessary, as is sponsorship. Without the support of those who will actually use and implement the program, however, its chances of succeeding are minimal.

In this particular case, there were a number of actions taken in order to help ensure success. The first of these was the recruiting of a new management team. Senior managers with a wide range of experience in different companies and cultures were conscripted. Each was hired with the knowledge that a major effort to change the existing culture was going to be put in motion and they would be held responsible for implementing it.

Knowing they would be accountable for implementing the program was certainly important in ensuring success. More importantly, however, they were given the opportunity to help develop the program. When the training class was being developed, the management team was the pilot class. Their comments, criticisms, and suggestions for improvement were incorporated into the class in order for them to achieve a sense of ownership; thus, they felt that they were owners of the process.

The first class was taught to a select group of existing project managers. The intent was to gain their acceptance of the program and have them become the "thought leaders" for the effort. Additionally, they were given the opportunity to discuss how the processes and related training should be changed. Using their input, the team made modifications as needed.

Gaining support and acceptance of the new management team and allowing the employees to have a voice in the development and implementation of the overall program created employee buy-in. Consequently, the new approach became "business as usual." As new employees joined the group, additional training classes were scheduled to assimilate them as quickly as possible into the organization and culture.

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