Does Iso Certification Or Sei Cmm Rating Constitute Quality Management

An important element to keep in mind is that both ISO standards and SEI CMM are tools that an organization can use to achieve a true quality program. If either of the methodologies has been institutionalized and developed until a formal certification or rating has been achieved, the organization has been recognized by external sources as having a viable quality management program at the time of the audit. However, as previously stated, maintaining a quality management program goes beyond the institutionalization of processes. Because a good quality management program will have defined and repeatable processes, what must really be defined are the quality goals as they pertain to a company's specific business.

Since this is not a static environment, a company must continue to perform necessary analyses to determine what characteristics and attributes of quality are right for its products and customers as the business environment continues to evolve. This means that the quality management program must sustain activity in all areas affected by ongoing and new development projects. Personnel at all levels should be encouraged to contribute and participate in the analysis and evaluation. The culture of the company must continue to be aware of the investment and the benefits of the program to them. The quality management program should undergo continuous improvement by updating the goals as well as the processes used to achieve the goals as the environment changes. In this way, a company is assured of having a successful, ongoing quality management program.

The inherent danger in relying on tools to accomplish this, rather than culture and commitment, lies in producing the procedures and the paperwork that allow ISO certification or CMM rating to be granted without providing the education and integrating the processes into the corporate culture to ensure real quality. It is possible that neither of these methodologies is the right tool for a particular organization to follow to develop a quality management program, especially if industry standard practices and the customer base does not require the formal certification of the organization's quality by an external agency.

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