Documenting Requirements

Documenting for maximum benefits means less work later. For example, when the different types of requirements are gathered and a numbering scheme ensuring distinction between the types of requirements is used, tracking and impact analysis is more easily performed. This distinction is important in tracking the requirements for compliance, gathering data related to the various types of requirements for analysis of performance, and quality. Being able to gather this information means developers readily and consistently can offer customers documented quality improvement on both technical and business fronts. Measurable data will become available from which determinations can be made regarding the size and scope of projects and the impact of technology issues.

Whether the classified requirements list is stored in a database, word processing tables, or a spreadsheet, it is important that it is located and formatted in such a way that it is accessible and useable to the majority of people on the team. The requirements list is a project asset and should be thought of as such. Management, the development team, and the customer have a ready tool for determining what is within the scope of the project and what is not.

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Project Management Made Easy

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