Delivering Leveraged Applications

If as a result of the analysis and design it is determined that an off-the-shelf package exists to provide the desired solution, the construction phase assumes the characteristics of a rollout. Key considerations revolve not around code development but around applying the packaged software in the target sites. Key concerns are as follows:

■ Integration with existing systems (if necessary)

■ Database population plans

■ Interfaces with I/O devices

■ Any necessary modifications of the off-the-shelf software

■ User training

■ Ongoing support

The use of pilot or prototype systems is encouraged as a means of continuing to align user expectations for leveraging the application. Working pilots in plants are an excellent means of identifying potential benefits of the application if a solid base case is first established for comparison. Pilots serve as a platform for technical and performance evaluations while providing a test bed for the user community before full implementation or rollout.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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