For a help desk project to start off successfully, it is important to know its basic who, what, when, where, why, and how. The medium for accomplishing this is the statement of work (SOW).

The SOW is a document that captures all that information at a high level. It lays the groundwork for effectively and efficiently managing the project, throughout its life cycle. It also serves as an excellent communications tool between the help desk development team and the customers.

The SOW is especially useful for help desk projects. The customer, expectations, and deliverables often are vague concepts and remain illdefined. Just the draft of a SOW helps to define more clearly all three, thereby avoiding problems later in the life cycle of the project. Exhibit 1 is an outline of the SOW with accompanying examples for each section.

Exhibit 1. Outline of the Statement of Work (SOW)




The causes for the help desk project and a description of the customers


The specific services that the help desk will and maybe will not provide

Goal and

The minimum level of services to provide and their priorities





The anticipated levels of support from internal functional management and expectations from customers


The required skills for performing the tasks of the project, such as specific PC application programming, knowledge of call management systems, and problem management


Major milestones, including the project completion date


The total cost of the project, broken by phase or deliverable


The signers of the SOW

After completing the SOW, project managers can develop a project announcement that declares the formation of the project. The project sponsor signs the memo, which communicates the name of the project, goal(s), completion date, and any other information deemed important.

The project announcement serves two primary purposes. First, it gives visibility to the project. Second, it communicates that senior management is behind the project.

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Project Management Made Easy

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