Define the Work Products That Result from Meetings

No matter what the kind of meeting, it is necessary to record the information shared and the outcome of the meeting in meeting minutes. Without meeting minutes, all work accomplished in the meeting is lost. Having a person record the information shared, the decisions made, and the problems solved relieves other participants from keeping records themselves and allows them to participate in the meeting. Using a template for the meeting minutes makes them fast to prepare, easy to read, and assures that nothing is forgotten. Exhibit 1 presents a template for status meeting minutes.

Exhibit 1. Template for Status Meeting Minutes

Who attended?

General Information:

Issues and Decisions: Issue

Action Plan


Due Date


Summary of accomplishments and outlook for each area

There are additional work products, depending on the particular purpose of a meeting. Information exchange meetings usually have a list of action items as a result.

The work products of decision-making meetings are the alternatives that have been evaluated, the decisions made, and their supporting reasons. The resulting decisions are recorded in a permanent repository, preferably accessible to all team members now and in the future.

The work product of a problem-solving meeting varies and depends on the problem. It can be a design document, a project schedule, or a budget. Just as with the meeting minutes, it is important to assign ownership to a participant who is responsible for recording the work product and for distributing it to all participants. For example, the purpose of a meeting may be to define a documentation plan consisting of templates for all internal documentation. The recorder/owner is responsible for creating the final electronic form of the templates and for sharing them with all interested parties.

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