Database Query Volumes

Particular attention should be paid to query volumes. Although the effects of transaction and batch workloads are well documented for IS environments, large volumes of user-initiated database queries are a more recent phenomenon. Their effects are still poorly understood in most organizations.

Businesses that move to client/server computing commonly experience annual increases in query volumes of from 30 to 40 percent. Moreover, these types of increases may continue for at least five years. Although most transactions can be measured in kilobytes, queries easily run to megabytes of data. Long, sequential queries generate particularly heavy loading. Thus, once client/server computing comes into large-scale use within an organization, heavier demands are placed on processor, database, and storage capacity.

In many organizations, queries can rapidly dominate computing workloads, with costs exceeding those for supporting online transaction processing applications. IS costs in this type of situation normally go up, not down. It is better to plan for this growth ahead of time.

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