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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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Almost all the current products for project management are microcomputer-based GUI programs aimed at both technical project managers and analysts. Examples are Microsoft Project and SuperProject for Windows (by Computer Associates International Inc.). These products are designed to support the process management for single projects consisting of approximately 200 to 500 tasks. Although in their infancy as single-project, single-user, record-keeping systems, these programs are already starting to offer some fundamental functions:

■ Simplifying the preparation of CPM, PERT, and Gantt charts

■ Generating a simple project plan

■ Assigning people and cost resources to tasks

■ Reporting project progress

■ Answering simple "What-If" questions

These microcomputer-based project management systems, however, lacked sufficient functionality, including:

■ Multiproject capabilities

■ Support of historical project databases

■ Knowledge-based project methodologies

■ Advanced decision support functions

■ Expert guidance for generating a customized plan

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