Controlling Requirements

Controlling the requirements may be the most important aspect of achieving success on a project and ensuring the full usability of the developed system. Control does not mean that there are never any changes to the original baselined requirements. It does mean that all of the stakeholders in the project are informed of and involved in a requirements control process that eliminates the single greatest threat to any system development project — requirements creeping.

Requirements creeping can and probably should be viewed as a villainous saboteur who, like a chameleon, takes on many different colors. This villain strikes out with only one purpose: get someone, anyone on the project, to make a change in the baselined requirements without assessing the impact and logical disposition of the change and informing all parties of the need for the change. To eliminate requirements creeping:

Make certain that there are baseline requirements.

■ Have a change control method in place for handling any type of modification to baselined requirements.

■ Make certain that all people involved in the project, both on the publishing side and on the development side, understand the process and methods used to baseline requirements and to affect change to the baselined requirements.

The requirements list baseline is established following the customer review meeting and should be given a unique identifier at that time. It must be distributed to all participants as the only requirements list to be used as design work commences. The identifier should have provisions for indicating the version or edition or release. If an approved change is made to the requirements list, the identifier must be updated and the revised requirements list distributed to all participants.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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