Control Risks

During the audit of the effectiveness of the ITSC, the following control risks may be encountered:

■ The ITSC charter is not communicated

■ The ITSC charter does not provide a "watchdog" role over the implementation and investment in information technology

■ The lack of management skills by the ITSC members to understand the impact of noncompliance with the approved IT strategic plan

■ Poor understanding by the ITSC members of their role and responsibilities

■ Inappropriate membership by organizational manager(s) (political forum)

■ No key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of the committee

■ Lack of empowerment for the ITSC to take action (where appropriate)

■ ITSC requirements are not communicated to line management and the IS department

■ No monitoring processes on IT investme nt within the organization

■ No reporting by the ITSC to executive management

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