Commitment Of Stakeholders

The track record is poor in organizations where responsibility for IT projects rests with the IT department. In fact, IT projects are, with limited exceptions, developed and operated to meet the organization's business needs and interests, rather than those of IT. The organization is poorly served when people outside the IT department can dissociate themselves from projects in which they have a vested interest.

Sometimes, IT projects of significant size are completed with virtually no internal customer involvement. Their attitude might well be, "Show me the results when the project is done." If and when projects of this type are finally installed, they rarely meet internal customers' needs.

IT department managers should realize that IT has a vested interest in developing a process that ensures strong internal customer involvement in its projects. A lack of customer involvement virtually ensures eventual customer dissatisfaction with some project aspect. If IT managers cannot get customers to share project ownership, they set themselves up for eventual customer criticism.

Therefore, IT should not initiate or install any projects without the complete support, involvement, and attention of the appropriate internal customers. It represents a failure on the part of senior management if internal customers take no project responsibility, yet complain about the project's content and performance once it moves into production.

Because business projects warrant the investment of large sums of IT time, effort, and money, they should warrant a comparable investment on the part of the internal customers who requested the project. It is senior management's responsibility to make certain that everyone affected by a particular IT project has a share in the project's ownership.

It will require fortitude on the part of the IT management team to halt development of an IT project due to a lack of internal customer involvement. However, this is the correct approach; otherwise, IT is exposed to excessive risk.

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