Case Study Background

The enterprise in this case study was part of a multi-billion dollar international manufacturing corporation, with a significant investment in IT. The enterprise prided itself on its innovative use of technology, and the internal IT organization had been recognized for excellence in influential industry publications.

Several factors within the customer organization contributed to the need for an effective project management process. The enterprise had experienced major business change, including a significant downturn in business, followed by a divestiture of the business unit and a merger of the parent company with another major manufacturing corporation. During this time, IT funding had been significantly reduced and then restored. As the business unit pursued new opportunities, systems with current technology were required to address the market more effectively.

The IT organization was mature and centralized, and had been outsourced five years previously to a major IT services firm. A proprietary waterfall methodology developed by the customer was used throughout the 1980s, but the rigor with which it was employed had diminished with enterprise downturns (and related funding lapses) in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A clause in the original outsourcing contract required the IT provider to use the customer proprietary approach unless authorized to do otherwise, because that methodology had been successfully applied in the past.

While the enterprise and technology were changing, the proprietary methodology was not being updated or adapted to the changing environment. Methods were not available to address client/server implementations, expanded project teaming situations, software package implementations, or deployment of projects in multiple small releases as needed to address rapidly changing business conditions. The environment provided an excellent opportunity to introduce a new methodology that would better fit the business needs.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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