Business Vision

A vision of a new way of doing business that will result from the large complex systems (LCS) development is critical to the success of the LCS. Although intuition, as well as prevailing business management thinking, would indicate this is so, it was important to see the real benefit of business visions played out.

For example, one major project studied was one for a global stock exchange. There, the business vision was an integral part of the project — a crisp articulation of the eight essential capabilities that the final system was to provide. It was integrated into the project training and displayed in all essential documents of the project. Most important, all projects within the larger engagement had to be tied back to the vision and justified according to how they contributed to the realization of that vision.

Another development effort at a national financial institution also began with a business vision and a rollout plan that clearly delivered the long- term vision in a sequence of steps. The business vision and rollout plans have served as the basis of work since they were created. The vision deals with the concept of a "model bank" — a consistent set of processes and systems that permits customers around the country to get a standard high quality of service, and also permits employees to move within the company without having to learn new processes. The vision is owned by the senior management of the bank, and communicated to all employees in powerful yet simple ways.

Changes in management can frequently have a negative effect on the power of a business vision. For this reason, it is essential that the business vision be held by more than one individual. On a large complex system built in the U.K., for example, there were several management personnel changes over the years required for the complete development. The key to success here was ensuring that at any given time, there was a set of senior management personnel committed to the effort. As natural career progression took these people to other roles, there was always another core set coming in who continued to own the vision and push it forward.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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