Assess Individual Employees Loyalty

Decisions regarding which employees are to remain and which are to be let go should be based mostly on their skills in relation to the client's needs. But the employee's loyalty to the employer is also an important factor in that decision even though there is no objective way to measure that loyalty. At best, loyalty can be judged by intuition, but there can be signs such as cooperative behavior, expressions of bitterness, and general demeanor indicating acceptance of management's decisions and plans.

When downsizing is a part of an outsourcing arrangement and some of the client's employees are to be employed by the services vendor, employees who are more loyal to their computer specialty than to their current employer may prefer to join the computer service firm rather than stay in an organization in which computer operations are not the primary function.

But loyalty can be a double-edged sword. Some employees who may not be the best qualified may feign loyalty, sensing the severe competition for survival in a downsizing situation. Their attempts to please may be appreciated, but should be tempered with a balanced evaluation of the employee's worth.

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