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Highlights of the Keane application management methodology (AMM) are offered below as an example of a methodology that supports the environment and processes required to move up the CMM. The AMM is customized to fit the needs of individual organizations; however, the fundamentals remain the same.

Project Management Processes These processes manage ongoing project operations, personnel issues, and project performance to level of service agreement commitments. There are three major groups of processes in this category: project management, level of service management, and training.

Customer Assistance Processes.The customer assistance function ensures that user support is based on centralized and common practices. This approach enables fast response to requests, management controls on workload, and a collection point for project performance metrics.

Project Operation Processes These processes include those needed to execute the tasks necessary to implement scheduled application maintenance and enhancement projects. They include processes for the estimation, prioritization, specification, and programming of project tasks.

Asset Management Processes Asset management processes ensure the integrity of client application assets and effective project management through release management and configuration management. Application assets include source code, load modules, documentation, test cases, and other application components.

Production Control Processes These processes ensure the quality of project deliverables and the integrity of the client's production environment. They include processes for system testing, acceptance testing, production turnover, and project close.

Operational Improvement Processes These processes identify methods to improve project operations and implement continuous quality improvements. They embody the principles of continuous process improvement as defined by the CMM. Metrics from all project tasks and from process operations are continuously monitored to identify opportunities for improvement.

Management Review Processes These processes sit above all phases of an outsourcing project. They define the methods used by project management, client management, and Keane management to audit and review the quality of project performance regularly.

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