Being an Effective Team Member

4.1 Good Team Members Do Whatever Is Needed

This example shows teamwork at its finest.

4.2 Commitment Is an Ethic That Must Be Learned

Responsible commitments must be based on a plan to do the work.

4.3 A Goal Is Something You Want to Achieve

Goals clearly define the end that we desire and establish a priority for the required work.

4.4 Every New Idea Starts as a Minority of One

You have a responsibility to share your ideas with the team.

4.5 All Team Members Should Contribute What They Know

Aircraft flight crews illustrate the importance of real participation.

4.6 Team-Building Requires Active Involvement of All Team Members

The principal objective of team-building is to get all the team members to actively participate in the team's work.

4.7 Good Negotiators Have an Effective Strategy

This example shows how principled negotiation avoids polarizing positions.

4.8 One Non-Participant Will Reduce Everyone's Performance

Every member has an obligation to help maintain order, so you need to distinguish between disruptive behavior and real concerns.

4.9 Ask for Help and Offer Yours

It is surprising how often software engineers struggle alone to solve a difficult problem.

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