Good change

A good change makes ei with very little downside. It doesn't cost more time in the schedule or more mone\ from the budget, and it doesn't destabilize the produi t 01 otherwise threaten its quality.

4ood thanys Hty rarely and change has some .mpact that should be fully colored before you Of) for>ward

Pad change

A bad dumge is one that might seem from the outside likf a »ihmI idea but ends up making an impac t on the triple constraint. Here are a couple <»f examples:

Scope Creep

11 lis happens w hen you think you know die impact of .1 / ~ cbaiigt so wu go .ilir.nl. but it turn* out ili.ti that» hangc leads to another one. and since you arc already making the first chnugc. you go N%itli tin next. Then another change comes up. and another, and another, until it's hard to tell what the scope of the project is.

G-old plating

Sometimes people think of a really great improvement to the product and go ahead and make it without even clin king the impact. In software, this can happen pretty easily. A programme! thinks i>l a way to make a feature better, for example, and just implements it. without talking it over w ith am body. 1'his ma\ sound good, but it's not because now you have to pay lot these features vou never asked for.

Be on the lookout for examples of scope tree?

aold plateo* the

Both are considered a^ should never be done gold plating or gold plating or

Here's the WBS that you created for the Cows Gone Wild III project, and below that are some changes that the team has asked Mike to make since the work started All of them are bad changes Check either scope creep or gold plating for each one.

Cows Cono Wild III: The MilkeningJ

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