rj I thought the configuration management system was part of the Project Management Information System from the Integration chapter. What does that have to do with change control?

When you wnte and modify documents throughout your project, you need to make sure that everybody is working with the same version of them. So you check them into a Configuration Management System, and that way everybody always knows where to go for the latest version

Since you are checking all of your documents in, that s where you will keep your work performance information too The most recent version of the schedule, any reports you have gathered on defects, and individual work performance should all be there, too So, when you want to figure out what s going on in your project, you look there first It follows that you would modify your documents and check them back into the CMS after any change has been approved too

Every scope ckange goes tkrougk scope control.

Scope Control Magnets

Whenever you make a scope change, you need to go through all of the steps of change control, bo what are those steps.-' Arrange the magnets to show the order that you handle changes to the scope.

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