Projects are NOT ongoing processes Projects are NOT always successful

¡^terpen your pencil

Which of these scenarios is a process, and which is a project?

1. Building ¿in extension on a house

I | Process Q Project

2. Shelving books at the library

I I Process Q Project

3. Baking a wedding cake

I I Process Q Project

4. Stapling programs for a play

I | Process Q Project

5. Watering your plants twice a week

I | Process Q Project

6. Walking the dog every day

Process Q] Project

7. Knitting a scarf

I | Process Q Project

8. Making a birdhouse

I | Process Q Project

9. Changing your air filters every six months I I Process Q] Project

10. Running an assembly line in a toy factory I I Process Q Project

11. Organizing a large conference

I I Process Q Project

12. Going to the gym three times a week

Process Q Project

Answers on page 42.

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