Keeping In good company

If you want something done right... better hope you're in the right kind of organization. All projects are about teamwork—but how your team works depends a lot on the type of organization you're in In this chapter, you'll learn about the different types of organizations around—and which type you should look for the next time you need a new job this Is a new chapter

A day in Kate s life


We just finished testing, and the product should be ready to go to test on schedule.

TKií is Kate's job—writing status reports-

Status Report


Lunch time

'We just finished testing, and the product should be ready to go to test on schedule."

Tech Writing

"We're halfway done updating the user manual." Information Systems

"The web site needs new graphics."



All Kate does all day is document what people »ay m jtatwi meetings.

Kate wants a new job

Now thats shes workingon getting her PMP& certificatio». Kate's learninga whole loail of new skills. And she's even startcd to I« >i >k for a neu job -one u here she dm^ more than write down wlial other peoplesay all day...

Rate's noi responsible ■for ¿be success or failure of Ker projeii SKe just keeps everybody informed of iis progress

All I do oil day is collect status. Even if \ I have ideas about how to improve the J project, it's not like I have the power to <

actually change anything. )

Kate is a project expeditor right now.

Kate's job is to document what'--happening on a projm. but she doesn't have the authority to make decisions on it. She may work on projects, but she's certainly not managing anything.

When Kate surfs over to, what types of things do you think she should look for in a new organization?

Kate spilled a hot cup of Starbuzz half caff nonfat latte on her job hunting checklist. Can you match the notes she scribbled at the bottom of the page to what's covered up by coffee stains?

Job Hooting Checklist

I should hav<f- ^mt projects

I am allowed "h oi\py project team

I am in control of my projects

filing stuff

I can assi without their bo:

filing stuff

vvorH Q(J+horityover mnnnriin^.

Answers on page 40.

What would you look for in your perfect job? Does your wish list look anything like Kate's?

^ 1 Organization Magnets

In a functional organization, which is what Kate works in, project managers don't have the authority to make major decisions on projects. Projectized organizations give a|l of the authority to the PM.

Can you work out which description goes with which organization type? .

*o,king on tbe prcjCtt don't report directly

Functional Organization t* the pm i^ad, the

° teams are m departments,

^ and tbe project manager ^ needs to "borrow" tKem for tbe projedt

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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