Making Good Choices

It's not enough to just know your stuff. You need to make good choices to be good at your job. Everyone who has the PMP credential agrees to follow the PMP Code of Professional Conduct, too. The Code helps you with ethical decisions that aren't really covered in the body of knowledge—and it's a big part of the exam. Most of what you need to know is really straightforward, and with a little review, you'll do well.

Doing the right thing 618

Keep the cash? 620

Fly business? 621

New software 622

Shortcuts 623

A good price or a clean river? 624

We're not all angels 625

Exam Questions 626

Exam Answers 628

Awesome. I've been wanting : to go shopping for a while. And what about that vacation? Acapulco, here we come! .

I would never accept a ' gift like that. Doing a good job is its own reward!

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