Unauthorized Access

In Colorado (and in other states), it is a crime to access, use, or exceed authorized access to, or use of, a computer, computer network, or any part of a computer system. It is a crime to take action against a computer system to cause damage, to commit a theft, or for other nefarious purposes. However, it is particularly important for IT security professionals to be aware that it is also a crime to knowingly access a computer system without authorization or to exceed authorized access. This is one reason it is critical for IT security consultants, with the advice of qualified and experienced counsel, to negotiate a comprehensive, carefully worded, Letter of Authorization (LOA) with every client.

If you are hiring an outside consultant, they should insist on this type of authorization if they plan on testing your network's security. If they do not insist on this (or even mention it), you should seriously review the consultant's credentials to be sure they have the requisite skills and knowledge you're looking for. If they are not hired to actually test your system for vulnerabilities and will not be testing for the ability to gain unauthorized access, this type of LOA may not be needed. On the other hand, if a consultant asks for this type of authorization and it's not what you hired them to do, it should signal a serious disconnect that should be addressed before going any further. Be sure you're hiring a bona fide consultant and not a rogue hacker in a business suit.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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