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At this point, you should have all the data you need to develop a preliminary schedule and budget based on the information defined in your WBS.You'll need to enter your WBS into a project management software tool if you want to use automated scheduling features (highly recom-mended).You'll need to look at resource constraints as well as dependencies. In this project, you may have four sub-teams performing project work but there may be overlap. It's conceivable (perhaps likely) that you'll have the same or overlapping resources on your policy management sec tion and on your compliance section because these two areas are so closely connected.You may also have the same or an overlapping group of people working on your incident response section and your disaster planning section. Be sure you account for overlapping resource conflicts in your schedule.You also need to identify dependencies for the project. These will probably have common characteristics the four sections. For example, your policy group's timing will depend on the timelines of the incident response team, the disaster recovery team and the compliance team because policies cross all those boundaries. Look for these areas and be sure that your schedule accommodates these. Once you've loaded in your dependencies, check your critical path. If all (or none) of your tasks are on the critical path, something's wrong and you'll need to go back through your schedule to see what's going on.

Each task contains details regarding cost, so you should also be able create a realistic budget for your project at this point. Both schedule and budget should be reviewed with your project sponsor and signed off on. If there are any problems, resolve them now before project work begins.

One final note on project budgets — you will need to have on-going activities to support network security.Your project plan should include an assessment of the on-going activities and costs the company will incur to maintain security.This is typically less than the cost of going through another full-blown security assessment. Including information about the cost of on-going security operations at the end of your project, as part of project close-out can help you budget moving forward.

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