Planning IT Security Project Quality

0 Planning quality in an IT security project plan means that quality must be a mindset, not just a specific set of deliverables.

0 Quality can be managed through several planning mechanisms, including well-defined user requirements, functional requirements, technical requirements, acceptance criteria, and quality metrics.

0 Including user requirements helps the IT security project plan meet the end-user's needs, and will ultimately yield higher quality and better security.

0 Defining functional requirements helps ensure all functionality required by the various systems is included in the security project plan.

0 Defining technical requirements typically follows defining functional requirements.

0 Quality metrics can sometimes be difficult to define for a security project, but looking for opportunities to quantify this data will improve quality and security.

0 Change management procedures ensure that when changes are needed to the security project plan, they are evaluated, implemented, tested, and integrated in a manner that maintains or increases security.

0 Standard operating procedures are used to ensure that the security solutions that are implemented are maintained on a day-to-day basis. Involving key stakeholders in defining SOPs at the appropriate time can improve the actual and perceived quality of your project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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