In addition to identifying roles and responsibilities, your IT security project plan will undoubtedly require very specific sets of competencies. Again, avoid thinking about specific people at this point, and work to identify the competencies required. This is one area that will probably require some revision down the road (e.g., your corporate IT security project plan will include several Individual Security Area Projects (ISAPs), and those ISAP's may each contain very specialized competencies.You want someone very familiar with Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS/IDS) to implement your IPS/IDS solution, and you want someone very familiar with your database structure and use to help design and implement a database security solution).These are competencies you can identify generically as you go through your planning process and develop additional detail as it becomes available.

Keep in mind that competencies are not confined to technical com-petencies.You should consider including competencies from other areas such as:

■ Communication (verbal and written)

■ Negotiation

■ Translating technical language into user language

■ Legal, financial, regulatory

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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