Virtual Teams

The use of virtual teams creates new possibilities when acquiring project team members. Virtual teams can be defined as groups of people with a shared goal who fulfill their roles with little or no time spent meeting face to face. The availability of electronic communication such as e-mail and video conferencing has made such teams feasible. The virtual team format makes it possible to:

• Form teams of people from the same company who live in widespread geographic areas;

• Add special expertise to a project team even though the expert is not in the same geographic area;

• Incorporate employees who work from home offices;

• Form teams of people who work different shifts or hours;

• Include people with mobility handicaps; and

• Move forward with projects that would have been ignored due to travel expenses.

Communication planning becomes increasingly important in a virtual team environment. Additional time may be needed to set clear expectations, facilitate communications, develop protocols for resolving conflict, include people in decision-making, and share credit in successes.

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