Team Building Activities

Team-building activities can vary from a five-minute agenda item in a status review meeting to an off-site, professionally facilitated experience designed to improve interpersonal relationships. The objective of team-building activities is to help individual team members effectively work together. Team-building strategies are particularly valuable when team members operate from remote locations without the benefit of face-to-face contact. Informal communication and activities can help in building trust and establishing good working relationships.

One of the most important skills in developing a team environment involves handling project team problems and discussing these as team issues. The entire team should be encouraged to work collaboratively to resolve these issues. To build effective project teams, project managers should obtain top management support, obtain commitment of team members, introduce appropriate rewards and recognition, create a team identity, manage conflicts effectively, promote trust and open communication among team members, and, above all, provide good team leadership.

As an ongoing process, team building is crucial to project success. While team building is essential during the front end of a project, it is a never-ending process. Changes in a project environment are inevitable, and to manage them effectively, a continued or a renewed teambuilding effort should be applied. The project manager should continually monitor team functioning and performance to determine if any corrective actions are needed to prevent or correct various team problems.

All teams go through five stages of development:

All stages occur naturally and in order. The duration of a particular stage depends upon team dynamics, team size, and team leadership.

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