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As project team development efforts such as training, team building, and co-location are implemented, the project management team makes formal or informal assessments of the project team's effectiveness. Effective team development strategies and activities are expected to increase the team's performance, which increases the likelihood of meeting project objectives. Team Performance Assessment criteria should be determined by all appropriate parties and incorporated in the Develop Project Team inputs. This is especially important in contract-related or collective bargaining projects.

The performance of a successful team is measured in terms of technical success according to agreed-upon project objectives, performance on project schedule (finished on time), and performance on budget (finished within financial constraints). High performance teams are characterized by these task-oriented and results-oriented outcomes. They also exhibit specific job-related and people-related qualities that represent indirect measures of project performance.

The evaluation of a team's effectiveness may include indicators such as:

• Improvements in skills that allow a person to perform assignments more effectively,

• Improvements in competencies that help the team perform better as a team,

• Reduced staff turnover rate, and

• Increased team cohesiveness where team members share information and experiences openly and help each other to improve the overall project performance.

As a result of performing an evaluation of the team's overall performance, the project management team can identify the specific training, coaching, mentoring, assistance, or changes required to improve the team's performance. This should also include identification of the proper or required resources necessary to achieve and implement the improvements identified in the assessment. These resources and recommendations for team improvement should be well documented and forwarded to the appropriate parties. This is especially important when team members are part of a union, involved in collective bargaining, bound by contract performance clauses, or other related situations.

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