Stakeholder Requirements Documentation

Stakeholder requirements documentation describes how individual requirements meet the business need for the project. Requirements may start out at a high-level and become progressively more detailed as more is known. Before being baselined, requirements must be unambiguous (measurable and testable), traceable, complete, and consistent. The format of a stakeholder requirements document may range from a simple document listing all the requirements categorized by stakeholder and priority, to more elaborate forms containing executive summary, detailed descriptions, and attachments.

Components of stakeholder requirements documentation can include but are not limited to:

• Business problem to be solved or opportunity to be seized, describing the limitations of the current situation and why the project has been undertaken;

• Business and project objectives for traceability;

• Functional requirements, describing business process, information, and interaction with the product, as appropriate which can be documented textually in a requirements list, in models, or both;

• Non-fimctional requirements, such as level of service, performance, security, compliance, supportability, retention/purge, etc.;

• Quality requirements;

• Business rules stating the guiding principles of the organization;

• Impacts to other organizational areas, such as call center, sales force, technology groups;

• Impacts to other entities inside or outside the performing organization;

• Support and training requirements; and

• Requirements assumptions and constraints.

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