Sequence Activities

Sequence Activities is the process of identifying and documenting relationships among activities. Schedule activities are sequenced with logic relationships. Every activity and milestone except the first and last are connected to at least one predecessor and one successor. It may be necessary to use lead or lag time on the logical relationships between activities to support later development of a realistic and achievable project schedule. Sequencing can be performed by using project management software or by using manual or automated techniques.

Table 6-3 Sequence Activities: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs

Tools & Techniques


2. Activity attributes

3. Milestone list

4 Project scope statement 5. Organizational process assets v J

1 Precedence diagramming method

2. Dependency determination

3. Applying leads and lags

4. Schedule network templates

1. Project schedule network diagrams

2, Project document updates

Project Time Management

Project Time Management

Project Documents

Figure 6-3. Sequence Activities Data Flow Diagram

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Making Time Work With You

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