Scope Baseline

• Scope statement. The scopc statement (Scction provides the product description, acceptance criteria, key deliverables, project boundaries, assumptions, and constraints about the project. One of the most common constraints for many projects is a limited projcct budget. Examples of other constraints arc required delivery dates, available skilled resources, and organizational policies.

• Work breakdown structure. The project WBS (Section provides the relationships among all the components of the project and the project deliverables (Scction

• WBS dictionary. The WBS dictionary (Scction and related detailed statements of work provide an identification of the deliverables and a description of the work in each WBS component required to produce each deliverable.

Additional information that may be found in the scope baseline that includes requirements with contractual and legal implications are health, safety, security, performance, environmental, insurance, intellectual property rights, equal employment opportunity, licenses, and permits. All of this information is considered when developing the cost estimates.

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