Requirements Traceability Matrix

The requirements traceability matrix is a table that links requirements to their origin and traces them throughout the project life cycle. The implementation of a requirements traccability matrix helps ensure that each requirement adds business value by linking it to the business and project objectives. It provides a means to track requirements throughout the project life cycle, helping to ensure that requirements approved in the stakeholder requirements documentation arc delivered at the end of the project. Finally, it provides a structure for managing changes to the product scope.

This process includes but is not limited to tracing:

• Requirements to business problems, opportunities, goais, and objectives;

• Requirements to project objectives;

• Requirements to project scopc/WBS deliverables;

• Requirements to product design;

• Requirements to product development;

• Requirements to test strategy and test scenarios; and

• High-level requirements to more detailed requirements.

Attributes associated with each requirement can be recorded in the requirements traccability matrix. These attributes help to define key information about the requirement. Typical attributes used in the requirements traceability matrix may include: a unique identifier, a textual description of the requirement, the rationale for inclusion, owner, requirement, source, priority, version, current status (such as active, cancelled, deferred, added, approved) and date completed. Additional attributes to ensure that the requirement has met stakeholders' satisfaction may includc stability, complexity, and acccptancc criteria.

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