Requirements Management Plan

The requirements management plan documents how requirements will be analyzed, documented, and managed throughout the project. The phase-to-phase relationship, described in, strongly influences how requirements are managed. The project manager must choose the most effective relationship for the project and document this approach in the requirements management plan. Many of the requirements management plan components are based on that relationship.

Components of the requirements management plan can include but are not limited to:

• How requirements activities will be planned, tracked, and reported;

• Configuration management activities such as how changes to the product, service or result requirements will be initiated, how impacts will be analyzed, how they will be traced, tracked, and reported, as well as the authorization levels required to approve these changes;

• Requirements prioritization process;

• Product metrics that will be used and the rationale for using them; and

• Traceability structure, that is, which requirements attributes will be captured on the traccability matrix and to which other project documents requirements will be traced.

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    How requirements activities will be planned tracked and reported?
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