Report Performance

Report Performance is the process of collecting and distributing performance information, including status reports, progress measurements, and forecasts. The performance reporting process involves the periodic collection and analysis of baseline versus actual data to understand and communicate the project progress and performance as well as to forecast the project results.

Performance reports need to provide information detailed enough for each audience. The format may range from a simple status report to more elaborate reports. A simple status report might show performance data, such as percent complete, or status dashboards for each area (i.e., scope, schedule, cost, and quality). More elaborate reports may include: analysis of past performance; current status of risks and issues; work completed during the period; work to be completed next; summary of changes approved in the period; and other relevant information which must be reviewed and discussed. A complete report should also include forecasted project completion (including time and cost). These reports may be prepared regularly or on an exception basis.

Table 10-6. Report Performance. Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs


1. Project management plan

2. Work performance data

3. Work performance measurements

4. Organizational process assets

Tools & Techniques

1. Variance analysis

2. Forecasting methods

3. Communication methods

4. Reporting systems


1 Performance reports

2. Organizational process assets updates

3. Change requests

Develop Project Management Plan

Project Communications Management

• Project management plan

6.6 Control Schedule

Control Costs

Enterprise/ Organization

10.5 Report Performance

■ Performance reports

10,3 Distribute Information





Direct and



Project Execution

• Organizational process assets

• Organizational process assets

Organizational process assets

• Project document updates

Control Scope

6.6 Control Schedule

7.3 Control Costs

Manage Project Team

11.6 Monitor and Control Risks

12.3 Administer Procurements

4.4 Monitor and Control Work

Project Documents

Figure 10-8. Report Performance Data Flow Diagram

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