Project Management Body of Knowledge

The PMBOK" Guide is the standard for managing most projects most of the time across many types of industries. This standard describes project management processes, tools, and techniques for managing scope, schedule, quality, and cost, as well as any project environment aspects that influence the project's outcome.

This standard is unique to the project management field and has interrelationships to other project management disciplines such as program management and portfolio management.

The following list contains some of the areas which have overlap or interdependencies:

• Definition of a project,

• Definition of a program,

• Definition of a portfolio,

• Relationship between project management and program management,

• Relationship between project management and portfolio management,

• Stakeholder management, and

Project management standards do not address all details of every topic. This standard is limited to single projects and the project management processes that are generally recognized as good practice. Other standards may be consulted for additional information on the broader context in which projects are accomplished. Management of programs is addressed in The Standard for Program Management, and management of portfolios is addressed in The Standard for Portfolio Management. Examination of an enterprise's project management process capabilities is addressed in Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OP M 3 "). There are additional standards which address organizational project management maturity, project manager competency, and other topics that are generally recognized as good practices in those areas.

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