Plan Risk Management

Plan Risk Management is the process of defining how to conduct risk management activities for a projcct (see Table 11-2 and Figure 11-1 ). Careful and explicit planning enhances the probability of success for the Five other risk management processes. Planning risk management processes is important to ensure that the degree, type, and visibility of risk management arc commensurate with both the risks and the importance of the projcct to the organization. Planning is also important to provide sufficient resources and time for risk management activities, and to establish an agreed-upon basis for evaluating risks. The Plan Risk Management process should begin as a project is conccivcd and should be completed early during projcct planning.

Table 11-2. Plan Risk Management: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools Sc Techniques


1. Project scope statement

2. Cost management plan

3. Schedule management plan

4. Communications management plan

5. Enterprise environmental factors

6. Organizational process assets

1. Planning meetings and analysis


1. Risk management plan V A

Plan Risk Management Data Flow Diagram
Figure 11-1. Plan Risk Management Data Flow

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