Plan Communications

Plan Communications is the process of determining the project stakeholder information needs and defining a communication approach. The Plan Communications proccss responds to the information and communications needs of the stakeholders; for example, who needs what information, when they will need it, how it will be given to them, and by whom. While all projects share the need to communicate project information, the informational needs and methods of distribution vary widely. Identifying the information needs of the stakeholders and determining a suitable means of meeting those needs arc important factors for projcct succcss.

Improper communication planning will lead to problems such as delay in message delivery, communication of sensitive information to the wrong audience, or lack of communication to some of the required stakeholders. A communication plan allows the project manager to document the approach to communicate most efficiently and effectively with stakeholders. Effective communication means that the information is provided in the right format, at the right time, and with the right impact. Efficient communication means providing only the information that is needed. On most projects the communications planning is done very early, such as during project plan development. The results of this planning process should be reviewed regularly throughout the projcct and revised as needed to ensure continued applicability.

The Plan Communications process is tightly linked with enterprise environmental factors, sincc the organization's structure will have a major cffcct on the project's communications requirements.

Table 10-3. Plan Communications. Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


1. Stakeholder register

2. Stakeholder management strategy

3. Enterprise environmental factors

4. Organizational process assets

1. Communication requirements analysis

2. Communication technology

3. Communication models

4. Communication methods


1, Communications management plan

2, Project document updates S J

Enterprise /Organization

Project Communications Management

10.1 Identify Stakeholders

* Stakeholder register

• Stakeholder management strategy

10.2 Plan Communication

• Organizational process assets ■ Enterprise environmental factors

■ Project document updates

• Communications - management plan

10.3 Distribute Information i I

10.4 Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Project Documents

4 2 Develop

Project Management Plan

11.1 Plan Risk Management

Figure 10-4. Plan Communication Data Flow Diagram

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