Perform Quality Control

Perform Quality Control is the proccss of monitoring and recording results of executing the Quality Plan activities to assess performance and rccommcnd ncccssary changcs. Quality control is performed throughout the project. Quality standards include project processes and product goals. Project results include deliverables and project management results, such as cost and schedule performance. Quality control is often performed by a quality control department or similarly titled organizational unit. Quality control activities identify causcs of poor proccss or product quality and recommend and/or take action to eliminate them.

The projcct management team should have a working knowledge of statistical quality control, especially sampling and probability, to help evaluate quality control outputs. Among other subjects, the team may find it useful to know the differences between the following pairs of terms:

• Prevention (keeping errors out of the proccss) and inspection (keeping errors out of the hands of the customer).

• Attribute sampling (the result either conforms or docs not conform) and variables sampling (the result is rated on a continuous scale that measures the degree of conformity).

• Spccial causcs (unusual events) and common causcs (normal proccss variation). Common causes are also called random causes.

• Tolerances (specified range of acceptable results) and control limits (thresholds, which if cxcccdcd, indicate that the proccss is out of control).

Table 8-4. Perform Quality Control: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


2. Quality metrics

3. Quality checklists

4. Work performance measurements

5. Approved change requests

6. Deliverables

7. Organizational process assets

V )

t. Cause and effect diagrams

2. Control charts

3. Flowcharting

4. Histogram

5. Pareto chart

6. Run chart

7. Scatter diagram

8. Statistical sampling

9. Inspection

10.Approved change request review

2. Validated changes

3. Validated deliverables

4. Organizational process asset updates

5. Change requests

6. Project management plan updates

7. Project document updates v J

Figure 8-7. Perform Quality Control: Inputs and Outputs

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