Perform Integrated Change Control

Perform Integrated Change Control is the process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes and managing changes to the deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents and the project management plan. The Perform Integrated Change Control process is conducted from project inception through completion. The project management plan, the project scope statement, and other deliverables are maintained by carefully and continuously managing changes, either by rejecting changes or by approving changes so those approved changes are incorporated into a revised baseline.

The Perform Integrated Change Control process includes the following change management activities in differing levels of detail, based upon the progress of project execution:

• Identifying that a change needs to occur or has occurred;

• Influencing the factors that circumvent integrated change control so that only approved changes are implemented;

• Reviewing and approving change requests promptly, which is essential, as a slow decision may negatively affect time, cost, or the feasibility of a change;

• Managing the approved changes when and as they occur;

• Maintaining the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes for incorporation into project plans and documents;

• Reviewing, assessing, and deciding on the action to be taken for all recommended corrective and preventive actions;

• Coordinating changes across the entire project (e.g., a proposed schedule change will often affect cost, risk, quality, and staffing); and

• Documenting the complete impact of change requests.

Changes may be requested by any stakeholder involved with the project. It is always provided in written form specified in the change control system/configuration management system. Change requests are subject to the process specified in change control system. The process may require information on estimated time impacts and estimated cost impacts.

Every documented change request may be either approved or rejected by some authority within the project management team or an external organization, for example, a change control board. Whenever required, the Perform Integrated Change Control process includes a change control board responsible for approving or rejecting all change requests. The roles and responsibilities of these boards are clearly defined within the configuration control and change control procedures, and are agreed upon by all stakeholders. Many large organizations provide for a multi-tiered board structure, separating responsibilities among the boards. If the project is being provided under a contract, then some proposed changes would need to be approved by the customer as per the contract.

Approved change requests can require new or revised cost estimates, schedule activity sequences, schedule dates, resource requirements, and analysis of risk response alternatives. These changes can require adjustments to the project management plan or other project plans/documents. The applied level of change control is dependent upon the application area, complexity of the specific project, contract requirements, and the context and environment in which the project is performed.

A configuration management system with integrated change control provides a standardized, effective, and efficient way to centrally manage approved changes and baselines within a project. Configuration management with change control includes identifying, documenting, and controlling changes to the project and product baselines. Project-wide application of the configuration management system, including change control processes, accomplishes three main objectives:

• Establishes an evolutionary method to consistently identify and request changes to established baselines, and to assess the value and effectiveness of those changes,

• Provides opportunities to continuously validate and improve the project by considering the impact of each change, and

• Provides the mechanism for the project management team to consistently communicate all approved and rejected changes to the stakeholders.

Some of the configuration management activities included in the integrated change control process are as follows:

• Configuration identification. Selection and identification of a configuration item provides the basis for which product configuration is defined and verified products and documents are labeled, changes are managed, and accountability is maintained.

• Configuration status accounting. Information is recorded and reported as to when appropriate data about the configuration item should be provided. This information includes a listing of approved configuration identification, status of proposed changes to the configuration, and the implementation status of approved changes.

• Configuration verification and auditing. Configuration verification and configuration audits ensure the composition of a project's configuration items; corresponding changes are registered, assessed, approved, tracked, and correctly implemented. This ensures the functional requirements defined in the configuration documentation have been met.

Table 4-6 shows the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for this process and the data flow diagram is displayed in Figure 4,5.

Table 4-6 Perform Integrated Change Control: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


2. Organizational process assets

V- J

2. Change control meetings


1. Change request status update

2. Project management plan updates

3. Project document updates

5.5 Control Scope

6.6 Control Schedule

7.1 Estimate Costs

7.2 Determine Budget

7.3 Control Costs

8.2 Perform Quality Assurance

8.3 Perform Quality Control

9.4 Manage Project Team

11.6 Monitor and Control Risks

12.1 Plan Procurements

12.2 Conduct Procurements

12.3 Administer Procurements

Project Integration Management

• Organisational Process Assets

• Enterprise Environmental Factors

Project ^

management ,* plan


Project ^

management ,* plan


Change requests

4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control management plan updates

Project Documents

• Project documenl updates

Enterprise/ Organization

•WotK performance information

4,3 Direct and Manage Project

• Change requests status updates

8.3 Perform Quality Control

12.3 Administer Procurements

Figure 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control Data Flow Diagram

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