Organizational Process Assets Updates

The organizational process assets that can influence the Close Project or Phase process include but are not limited to:

• Formal acceptance documentation. Formal confirmation has been received from the customer or sponsor that customer requirements and specifications for the project's or phase's product, service, or result have been met. This document formally indicates the customer or sponsor has officially accepted the deliverables.

• Project files. Documentation resulting from the project's activities, for example, project management plan, scope, cost, schedule and quality baselines, project calendars, risk registers, planned risk response actions, and risk impact.

• Project or phase closure documents. Project or phase closure documents, consisting of formal documentation that indicates completion of the project or phase and the transfer of the completed project or phase deliverables to others, such as an operations group or to the next phase. If the project was terminated prior to completion, the formal documentation indicates why the project was terminated and formalizes the procedures for the transfer of the finished and unfinished deliverables of the cancelled project to others.

• Historical information. Historical information and lessons learned information are transferred to the lessons learned knowledge base for use by future projects or phases.

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