Organizational Process Assets Updates

Elements of the organizational process assets that may be updated include but are not limited to:

• Correspondence. Contract terms and conditions often require written documentation of certain aspects of buyer/seller communications, such as the need for warnings of unsatisfactory performance and requests for contract changes or clarifications. This can include the reported results of buyer audits and inspections that indicate weaknesses the seller needs to correct. In addition to specific contract requirements for documentation, a complete and accurate written record of all written and oral contract communications, as well as actions taken and decisions made, are maintained by both parties.

• Payment schedules and requests. All payments should be made in accordance with the procurement contract terms and conditions.

• Seller performance evaluation documentation. Seller performance evaluation documentation is prepared by the buyer. Such performance evaluations document the seller's ability to continue to perform work on the current contract, indicate if the seller can be allowed to perform work on future projects, or rate how well the seller is performing the project work. These documents can form the basis for early termination of the seller's contract, or determining how contract penalties, fees, or incentives are administered. The results of these performance evaluations can also be included in the appropriate qualified seller lists (Section

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