Organizational Process Asset Updates

The organizational process assets which may be updated include but are not limited to:

• Stakeholder notifications. Information may be provided to stakeholders about resolved issues, approved changes, and general project status.

• Project reports. Formal and informal project reports detail project status, and include lessons learned, issues logs, project closure reports, and outputs from other Knowledge Areas (Chapters 4-12).

• Project presentations. The project team provides information formally or informally to any or all of the project stakeholders. The information and presentation method should be relevant to the needs of the audience.

• Project records. Project records can include correspondence, memos, meeting acts, and other documents describing the project. This information should, to the extent possible and appropriate, be maintained in an organized manner. Project team members can also maintain records in a project notebook or register, which could be physical or electronic.

• Feedback from stakeholders. Information received from stakeholders concerning project operations can be distributed and used to modify or improve future performance of the project.

• Lessons learned documentation. Documentation includes the causes of issues, reasoning behind the corrective action chosen, and other types of lessons learned about information distribution. Lessons learned are documented and distributed so that they become part of the historical database for both this project and the performing organization.

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