Monitor and Control Project Work

Monitor and Control Project Work is the process of tracking, reviewing, and regulating the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan. Monitoring is an aspect of project management performed throughout the project. Monitoring includes collecting, measuring, and disseminating performance information, and assessing measurements and trends to effect process improvements. Continuous monitoring gives the project management team insight into the health of the project, and identifies any areas that can require special attention. The Monitor and Control Project Work proccss is conccrncd with:

• Comparing actual projcct performance against the projcct management plan;

• Assessing performance to determine whether any corrective or preventive actions arc indicated, and then recommending those actions as necessary;

• Analyzing, tracking, and monitoring project risks to make sure the risks are identified, their status is reported, and that appropriate risk response plans arc being executed;

• Maintaining an accurate, timely information base concerning the project's product(s) and their associated documentation through project completion:

• Providing information to support status reporting, progress measurement, and forecasting;

• Providing forecasts to update current cost and current schedule information; and

• Monitoring implementation of approved changes when and as they occur.

Table 4-5 shows the inputs, toois and techniques, and outputs for this proccss and the data flow diagram is displayed in Figure 4-4.

Table 4-5. Monitor and Control Project Work: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


1. Project management plan

2. Work performance data

3. Performance reports

4. Forecasts

5. Enterprise environmental factors

6. Organizational process assets


J. Expert judgment V. )

2. Project management plan updates

3. Project document updates v J

Project Integration Management

■ Performance reports • Forecasts

■ Performance reports • Forecasts

Develop Project Management Plan

■ Project A management plan updates

• Project management plan

4.3 Direct and Manage Project

Project Documents

4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work

• Project document updates

• Organizational Process Assets

• Enterprise Environmental Factors

•Change requests

Enterprise/ Organization

4,5 Perform

Integrated Change Control

Figure 4-4. Monitor and Control Project Work Data Flow Diagram

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