Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Manage Stakeholder Expectations is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issues as they occur. Managing Stakeholder Expectations involves communication activities directed toward project stakeholders to influence their expectations, address concerns, and resolve issues, such as:

• Actively managing the expectations of stakeholders to increase the likelihood of project acceptance by negotiating and influencing their desires to achieve and maintain the project goals;

• Addressing concerns that have not become issues yet, usually related to the anticipation of future problems. These concerns need to be uncovered and discussed, and the risks need to be assessed; and

• Clarifying and resolving issues that have been identified. The resolution may result in a change request or may be addressed outside of the project; for example, postponed for another project or phase or deferred to another organizational entity

Managing expectations helps to increase the probability of project success by ensuring that the stakeholders understand the project benefits and risks. This enables them to be active supporters of the project and to help with risk assessment of project choices. By anticipating people's reaction to the project, preventive actions can be taken to win their support or minimize potential negative impacts.

The project manager is responsible for stakeholder expectations management. Actively managing stakeholder expectations decreases the risk that the project will fail to meet its goals and objectives due to unresolved stakeholder issues, and limits disruptions during the project.

Table 10-5. Manage Stakeholder Expectations. Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


1. Stakeholder register

2. Stakeholder management strategy

3. Communications management plan

4. Issue log

5. Change log

6. Organizational process assets


2. Interpersonal skills

3. Management skills

^ J

1. Organizational process assets updates

2. Change requests

3. Project management plan updates

4. Project document updates

^ J

Project Communications Management

Project Documents

> Project document updates

Enterprise/ Organization

• Stakelwlrfer register ■ Stakeiioider management strategy

« • Communications ; management plan

• Stakelwlrfer register ■ Stakeiioider management strategy

« • Communications ; management plan

■ Organizational process assets

> Organizational process assets updates

10.4 Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Figure 10-7. Manage Stakeholder Expectations Data Flow Diagram

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