Initiating Process Group

Those processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase. Within the initiating processes, the initial scope is defined and initial financial resources are committed. Internal and external stakeholders who will interact and influence the overall outcome of the project arc identified. If not already assigned, the project manager will be selected. This information is captured in the Project Charter and Stakeholder Register. When the Project Charter is approved, the project becomes officially authorized. Although the project management team may help write the Project Charter, approval and funding arc handled external to the project boundaries (Figure 3-4).

As part of the Initiating Process Group, many large or complex projects may be divided into separate phases. In such projects the Initiating processes arc carried out during subsequent phases to validate the decisions made during the original Develop Project Charter and Identify Stakeholder processes, invoking the Initiating processes at the start of each phase helps keep the project focused on the business need the project was undertaken to address. The success criteria arc verified, and the influence and objectives of the project stakeholders arc reviewed. A decision is then made as to whether the project should be continued, delayed, or discontinued.

Involving the customers and other stakeholders during initiation generally improves the probability of shared ownership, deliverable acceptance, and customer and other stakeholder satisfaction.

Project Initiator/ Sponsor

Project Inputs

Project Inputs

Figure 3-4. Project Boundaries

Initiating processes may be done by organizational, program, or portfolio processes external to the project's scope of control. For example, prior to commencing a projcct, the need for high-icvcl requirements may be documented as part of a larger organizational initiative. The feasibility of the new undertaking may be established through a process of evaluating alternatives. Clear descriptions of the project objectives are developed, including the reasons why a specific projcct is the best alternative to satisfy the requirements. The documentation for this decision may also contain the initial project scope statement, deliverables, project duration, and a forecast of the resources for the organization's investment analysis. As part of the Initiating processes the project manager is given the authority to appiy organizational resources to the subsequent project activities.

Figure 3-5. Initiating Process Group

The Initiating Process Group (Figure 3-5) includes the following project management processes (Tables 3-2 through 3-3):

3.3.1 Develop Project Charter

Develop Project Charter is the process of developing a document that formally authorizes a project or a phase and documenting initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholder's needs and expectations. The charter links the project to the ongoing work of the organization and authorizes the project. Projects are chartered and authorized external to the project by the organization, a program or portfolio management body. In multi-phase projects, this process is used to validate or refine the decisions made during the previous iteration of Develop Project Charter.

Table 3-2. Develop Project Charter: Inputs and Outputs



1. Project statement of work

1. Project charter

2. Business case


3. Contract

4. Enterprise environmental


5. Organizational process


3.3.2 Identify Stakeholders

Identify Stakeholder is the process of identifying all people or organizations impacted by the project, and documenting relevant information regarding interests, involvement, and impact on project success. This process links the project with the people or organizations that will be affected by the project to ensure a successful project. Stakeholder identification is necessary for managing stakeholders' expectations and influence in relation to project requirements. Stakeholder identification is an iterative process and as such the outputs of this process, Stakeholder Register, and Stakeholder Management Strategy should be revised during the subsequent phases of the project.

Table 3-3. Identify Stakeholders: Inputs and Outputs



.1 Project charter

.1 Stakeholder register

.2 Procurement document package

.2 Stakeholder management strategy

.3 Enterprise environmental factors

.4 Organizational process assets

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