Estimate Activity Durations

Estimate Activity Durations is the process of approximating the number of work periods needed to complete individual activities with estimated resources. Estimating activity durations uses information on activity scope of work, required resource types, estimated resource quantities, and resource calendars. The inputs for the estimates of activity duration originate from the person or group on the project team who is most familiar with the nature of the work in the specific schedule activity. The duration estimate is progressively elaborated, and the process considers the quality and availability of the input data. For example, as the project engineering and design work evolves, more detailed and precise data is available, and the accuracy of the duration estimates improves. Thus, the duration estimate can be assumed to be progressively more accurate and of better quality.

The Estimate Activity Durations process requires that the amount of work effort required to complete the schedule activity is estimated and the amount of resources to be applied to complete the schedule activity is estimated; these are used to approximate the number of work periods (activity duration) needed to complete the activity. AM data and assumptions that support duration estimating arc documented for each estimate of activity duration.

Estimating the number of work periods required to complete an activity can require considération of ciapscd time as a requirement related to a specific type of work. Most project management software for scheduling will handle this situation by using a project calendar and alternative work-period resource calendars that are usually identified by the resources that require specific work periods. In addition to the sequencing logic, the activities will be performed according to the projcct calendar, and the appropriate rcsourcc calendars.

Table 6-5. Estimate Activity Duration: Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs

1. Activity list

2. Activity attributes

3. Activity resource requirements

4. Resource calendars

5. Project scope statement

6. Enterprise environmental factors

7. Organizational process assets

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