Distribute Information

The process of making relevant information available to project stakeholders as planned. It is performed throughout the entire project life cycle, and in all management processes. The focus here is mainly in the execution process, which includes implementing the communications management plan, as well as responding to unexpected requests for information. Effective information distribution includes a number of techniques including:

• Sender-receiver models: fccdback loops and barriers to communication;

• Choice of media: situation specifics of when to communicate in writing versus orally, when to write an informal memo versus a formal report, and when to communicate face-to-facc versus by c-mail;

• Writing style: active versus passive voicc, scntcncc structure, and word choicc;

• Meeting management techniques: preparing an agenda and dealing with conflicts;

• Presentation techniques: body language and design of visual aids; and

• Facilitation techniques: building consensus and overcoming obstacles.

Table 10-4. Distribute Information. Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs


Tools & Techniques


1. Communications management plan

2. Performance reports

3. Organizational process assets

2. Information distribution tools

1 J

3. Organizational process assets updates

Project Communications Management

Project Communications Management

Figure 10-6. Distribute Information Data Flow Diagram

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