Develop Project Management Plan Inputs

.1 Project Charter

Described in Section 4.1, .2 Project Scope Statement Described in Section 5.2. .3 Outputs from Planning Processes

Outputs from many of the planning processes described in Chapters 5 through 12 are integrated to create the projcct management plan. In addition, updates to these documents can necessitate updates to the projcct management plan.

5.3 Create Work


Scope Baseline



• Organizational Process



* Enterprise

Environmental Factors

• Requirements management plan

Project Integration Management

Develop Project Charter

■ Project charier

5.1 Collect Requirements

7,2 Determine Budget

6.3 Develop Schedule

8.1 Plan Quality

9.1 Develop Human Resource Plane

10.1 Plan Communications

• Requirements management plan

■ Cost performance baseline

• Schedule baseline tttittittittittt*.*

• Quality management plan

* Process improvement plan

• Human resource management plan


• Communications management plan

Develop Project Management Plan

5.4 Verify Scope

• Project management ; plan

10,5 Report Performance

4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution

Control Scope

Monitor and Control Project Work k'1

Control Schedule

Perform Integrated Change Control

12.2 Conduct Procurements

■ Project management plan updates

Close Project

11.1 Plan Risk Management

12.1 Plan Procurements

• Procurement management plan

■ Risk management ptan

• Procurement management plan

Perform Quality Assurance

8.3 Perform Quality Control

11.5 Plan Risk Response

11.6 Monitor and Control Risks

12.3 Administer Procurements

Figure 4-2. Develop Project Management Plan Data Flow Diagram

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